MLA Citation Style: Guidelines For Essay Writing

The art of writing essays can never be complete without writing it in the required style and format. There are different styles of writing academic essays and one of them is MLA – the Modern Language Association format. As you study in college and/or in the university, your professor will expect you to do a lot of research on some of the things that will be expected of you in school. Of these include writing essays in certain referencing styles and formats. To pass well in your essay exercise, it is important to learn the style in which your essay should be formatted. Here are some of the elements to consider while writing your essay in MLA format.

  1. No title page is required. Unlike in other essay writing styles, the MLA formatting does not require any title page. All that is required is your name, code and name of the course. Other details include the title of your essay. The writing of your essay content starts on the same page where all these details are indicated. You can consult different essays writers on the specific details about the arrangement for this section.
  2. Citation. Citation for MLA format includes the surname of the author and the page from which the content was picked from. For instance, (James 12). This tells the reader that the work cited was written by James and specifically from page 12 of the work. It can also be written as ….” James (12) says that essays are written ….”
  3. Works Cited page. The last page in your MLA -formatted essay is the works cited page. It lists all the sources used in writing your essay. Therefore, make sure that you have included every work cited in this list. The format for each work cited should be like this…. Surname, Other names of Author; title of the work; place of publication; publishing company; year of publication; page numbers from which the work citation was done. They should be listed in alphabetical order. Check out for more help in essay writing service in uk! You will get lots of advice and detailed facts about MLA citation style.
  4. Running head and page numbers. A running head and page numbers are common in almost every academic paper. Well, each follows a certain style and format. For MLA-formatted essays, the header includes the surname of the student/author written to the right side of the header section. The page number is also included in the farthest point of the right side of the header section also.

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