Formatting An Academic Essay In APA Citation Style

Academic rules and regulations require the writing of academic papers in a given format and style. Therefore, students must understand all that is required before submitting the content of their essay for marking. while the content many be good, it is important to make sure that it is written in the correct format and style. In your essay writing exercise, your professor will ask you to write in a given style and one of the commonly used format is APA. Here, you will learn the different requirements needed for a professional APA format. Consider the following aspects in your APA formatted essay if you want to score a good grade in the end.

  • Title page. Unlike in some academic writing formats, your APA essay will require a title page. Therefore, don’t get started with your writing on the same page you have written your name and course title. Writing academic essays in APA format will require you to have a page where you have indicated your name, the name of your course and the title of your essay. Other details to include are the date of submission and institutional affiliation.
  • Running head and page numbering. The essay should also be numbered. Seek writing help from professionals for more details. The running head in your essay should appear in the top left side and numbering in the right side of the header section. This must be included in order to meet all the requirements of an APA-formatted paper!
  • Citation. All sources used in writing your essay should be correctly cited inside the written text. The format of citation includes the surname of the author and the date of publication. For instance (James, 2017). In this example, the citation shows the surname of the author and the year of publication. It can also take this format…...” According to James (2017), …. For more details, get assistance from a uk essay writing service.
  • Reference page. At the end of your writing, you should have a page listing all the sources used in writing your essay. They should be listed alphabetically indicating the name of the author, year of publication, title of source, place of publishing and the publishing company. The name of the author should have the surname written in full and his/her other names written in initials. Here is an example….
    James, N. (2016). Guide for essay citation. London: Oxford
  • Abstract. If you are looking for quality essay writing, the format of writing demanded should be correct. You will not get most of these requirements in class because your professor may not have time to help you know them. All you need to do is to engage professionals online and get all the help you need. An abstract is a requirement that provides details of your essay and what is covered in it. It is usually brief, between 200 and 250 words and appears before your essay introduction.

Engage a professional to learn more about APA referencing style.